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I’m Natalia Vlaskina a founder of Luxury Emotions, a luxury lifestyle agency and consulting firm; Art & Glam, an exclusive new-brand platform dedicated to high-end artisans, talented artists and glamorous lifestyle brands; Visit Sardinia® Award-winning Destination Management Company in Italy.
A bold entrepreneur, with extensive experience in hospitality, high-end travel  and smart luxury lifestyle. Collaborate with renowed hotels and brands.
Focused on luxury crafts, fashion & beauty, food & wine, and wellbeing. Fitness addict, nature lover, passionate about luxury hotels, jazz and classy stuff. Specialized in Made in Italy, Sardinia expert, creator of beautiful experiences.

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Designing brands. Picking delicious ideas. Crafting beautiful experiences.


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Real people - true feedback.
I'm really proud of the projects and experiences I have implemented for numerous clients and partners. To know more about me and my activity, you can contact people with whom I had the pleasure to collaborate. Get their feedback.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to expand my connections and work with more wonderful people and brands.

Area of Expertise!

Since 2003 I have experience in the hospitality industry. Specializing in luxury hotels and resorts, top destinations, high-end travel, exclusive experiences, restaurants, yachts,  DMC’s, events, weddings. I took part in the most important B2B and B2C workshops and shows.

I grew up in the fashion industry my mom worked in. Haute couture, fittings, fashion magazines and catwalk were daily life. The way you dress and care yourself is an expression of personality. I also have good personal experience and knowledge of skincare and make-up products. I beleive that sustainable fashion and cosmetics is a future.



I’m a foodie and vegetarian. My gastronomic story began with French wines and developed in Italy, which finally made me fall in love with food, wine and genuine cuisine. Here for more than 10 years I have been doing food and wine programs as gourmet and culinary tours, together with local experts, restaurants, chefs and producers. I love to travel discovering cuisines of the world.

As hospitality, real estate and also fashion are connected with art and design, which I have to deal with in one way or another. This is how my new project was born in 2020 – Art & Glam, on-line gallery together with the most outstanding and talanted artisans and designers in the world.



I’m fitness addict. Healthy and fit body is super important for healthy mind. I have been practicing Pilates, cardio excercises and yoga for many years. It is an essential lifestyle like healthy food, meditation, self-care and hiking in nature. Choose what suits you best and it doesn’t matter if you do it at home or in the gym.


I have experienced various wellness practices, from Mediterranean thalassotherapy to oriental ot thermal treatments. But wellness is not only spas and aesthetics, it is inner harmony. Together with proper nutrition. This experience helped me to solve health problems.


I have collaborated with some important developers and real estate agencies. Wealthy clients are constantly on the lookout for property investments.


Life is music. Improvisation like jazz. My husband is an outstanding multi-awarded Italian musician, giutarist and composer Roberto Tola, Grammy Awards candidate. Performing in New York, Hollywood, Madrid, and so on. I’m happy to be a part of this. We also did some important events together.


I have developed various projects, brand creation for business and e-commerce. I do branding, including websites, copywrite, design, strategy, management and marketing for clients’ projects, especially in industries I am familiar with.


Being an intrepreneur, I like to improve business by applying my experience, learning and developing new projects. You can move forward and get results if you have great team and cooperate with like minded people. Nobody succeeds alone.


Personal and non personal stories...

Very luxury is the freedom to be yourself and the best award is to do something useful, when people are happy to communicate with you, they feel positive, open and inspired.

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