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I’m Natalia Vlaskina and my mission is to craft luxurious experiences through world-class travel, beauty and lifestyle.

I founded Luxury Emotions to help premium brands elevate their offering and connect on an emotional level with discerning clients. I have also created Art & Glam, a platform that curates the finest artisans and designers to infuse timeless craftsmanship into modern luxury. Lastly, Visit Sardinia draws upon my Italian heritage and passion for authentic travel to design bespoke getaways to this enchanting corner of the Mediterranean.

I combine a businesswoman’s pragmatism with an artist’s soul. Through elegant yet unpretentious experiences, I strive to restore a sense of delight, discovery and timelessness in our fast-paced world. Made in Italy is my heritage but luxury craftsmanship anywhere inspires me. Nature feeds my spirit and fuels my creativity, while cuisine, design and jazz uplift and expand my soul.

My mission is simple yet profound: to cultivate beauty and pleasure so we may all live more richly.

Living Luxuriously

crafting meaningful moments

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Luxury Emotions

I founded Luxury Emotions to elevate luxury brands' offerings and connect them emotionally with discerning clients through world-class travel, beauty and lifestyle experiences.


Art & Glam

Through Art & Glam, I curate the finest artisans and designers to infuse timeless craftsmanship into modern luxury, helping premium brands stand out.

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Visit Sardinia

With Visit Sardinia, I design one-of-a-kind getaways to my home land, sharing our Italian heritage and passion for authentic travel to inspire a sense of discovery.


Collaborations & Feedback

The best testimonials come from real people and real projects. I'm proud of the experiences I have created for clients and partners, and the results we have achieved together. To learn more about my work ethic and approach, I encourage you to speak with people I have collaborated with. Hear firsthand about their experiences working with me. Their honest feedback will give you a true sense of what it's like to partner with me on a project. I value transparency and always strive to exceed expectations. I look forward to the opportunity to expand my network and work with more wonderful people and brands. Together, we can cultivate beauty and pleasure through world-class travel, lifestyle and design.

Area of Expertise!

For almost 20 years, I have developed expertise in the luxury hotel, resort, and travel industries. I specialize in top destinations, high-end travel experiences, restaurants, luxury yacht chartersevent planning, and destination management companies. I have participated in key industry events, workshops, and tradeshows.

Raised in a family focused on couture fashion, I developed an interest in how we express ourselves through our style and self-care. I keep up-to-date with skin care and makeup trends while championing sustainable fashion and beauty products.

As a food lover and vegetarian, my passions for food, wine, and cuisine began in France and Italy where I spent over a decade creating culinary and wine tours with experts, chefs, and producers. I enjoy discovering new cuisines while traveling, and seeing how food and culture intersect.

Through my work in hospitality, real estate, and fashion, I have interacted with art and design. In 2020, I launched Art & Glam online gallery to showcase talented artisans and designers.

Fitness is an essential part of my lifestyle. I have practiced Pilates, cardiovascular exercise, and yoga for many years. A healthy and fit body enables a healthy mind, as does a balanced approach of fitness, nutrition, self-care, and time in nature. I find what works best for me and stick to a routine.

I have experienced various wellness treatments from Mediterranean thalassotherapy to Asian therapies. However, true wellness comes from inner harmony and a balanced diet, something I have relied on to overcome health issues in the past.

I have collaborated with luxury property developers and real estate agencies, helping high-net-worth clients identify property investments.

My husband is a multi-award winning Italian musician, guitarist, and composer. I enjoy supporting his international performances and collaborating on events together.

I have developed various projects, brand creation for business and e-commerce. I do branding, including websites, copywrite, design, strategy, management and marketing for clients’ projects, especially in industries I am familiar with.

Being an intrepreneur, I like to improve business by applying my experience, learning and developing new projects. You can move forward and get results if you have great team and cooperate with like minded people. Nobody succeeds alone.


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Connecting Through Shared Luxury

True luxury comes from the freedom to be ourselves and follow our passions. The greatest reward is using our gifts and strengths to inspire and help others.

When we share meaningful experiences that touch the human spirit, we connect in a way that lifts both giver and receiver. Simple pleasures and moments of beauty have a magical way of opening hearts and minds.

On this blog, I share personal stories, ideas and insights that I hope will resonate with you. Whether recounting my own travel discoveries, celebrating beautiful craftsmanship or reflecting on experiences that awoke a sense of wonder – my aim is always to spark joy and nourishment in your day.

Connecting through stories, experiences and values we cherish is one of life’s deepest luxuries. I invite you to join me in treasuring these small yet profound moments of shared beauty and pleasure that remind us we are not alone.

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