A Visionary in The Art of Luxury Living

I am the founder and owner of Luxury Emotions, a luxury lifestyle management firm, and ART & GLAM, an exclusive platform showcasing luxury artisans and glamorous lifestyle brands. Also, I’m a co-founder of VISIT SARDINIA, an award-winning destination management company showcasing Sardinia, Corsica, and Italy.

I strongly believe luxury goes beyond material possessions. True luxury is freedom – freedom to live your most authentic self, follow your interests, and create the lifestyle you desire.

That’s what I aim to provide through ART & GLAM, my luxury lifestyle and management firm. By helping clients fine tune and elevate their luxury experiences.

As founder ART & GLAM and LUXURY EMOTIONS, I help clients curate luxury experiences through authentic relationships with craftspeople, brands, and hospitality professionals.

I am a fitness enthusiast, vegetarian foodie, wine lover, and passionate explorer of luxury hotels, glamour, jazz, and all things luxurious. As an expert on Made in Italy and an insider in Sardinia, I love nature, animals, reading, and connecting with like-minded visionaries to make the world a better place through meaningful experiences. I never stop learning.

Natalia Vlaskina | Luxury Lifestyle Entrepreneur

A Journey of Discovery

My journey has brought me from Moscow, the city of my youth, to Italy, my current home. I come from a favorable background but gained a passion for luxury through exposure to fashion, beauty and travel industries early in my career.

When I entered the hospitality industry, I discovered an even deeper dimension of luxury – the ability to craft meaningful experiences and connections. After relocating to Italy and co-founding VISIT SARDINIA, I gained invaluable expertise collaborating with luxury hotels, brands, and artisans across destinations, hospitality, wellness, and events.

My mission is to share this knowledge and help others translate their vision of luxury into reality. Whether that means consulting for a small niche brand, developing an ultra-exclusive product or service, or curating a bespoke experience.

Crafting Luxury Experiences Through Authentic Connections

My philosophy is simple – the finest things in life are felt, not bought. So I work closely with clients, listening deeply to understand their desires and preferences.

Through personalized consultations and custom solutions, I aim to spark their imagination and reveal possibilities they haven’t considered. Because true luxury comes alive when you’re free to be yourself and pursue your unique joys.

Together we can reshape what luxury means for you – freeing you to live life on your own terms. Let’s discover how I can help bring your most authentic luxury dreams to life.

Natalia Vlaskina | Luxury Emotions | Luxury Lifestyle Management | Luxury Hospitality

What inspired me to start Art & Glam and Luxury Emotions

My passion for luxury, glamour, and all things exquisite has always been a driving force in my life. Over the years in hospitality, I was inspired by the artisans, brands, and talents I encountered who poured their heart and soul into creating beautiful, high-quality products and experiences but struggled to find the right platforms to showcase their work.

With Luxury Emotions and ART & GLAM, I sought to build a home for these brands where they receive the customized marketing, connections, and exposure they deserve. My mission is to bring more meaning, creativity, and emotional value to the luxury space.

Luxury Emotions was born from a desire to deliver highly personalized, VIP services to discerning clients looking for unique, bespoke experiences. ART & GLAM gave artisanal brands, especially those focused on luxury crafts, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, a vehicle to present their products and story to an audience that truly appreciates them. By promoting a curated collection of premium brands, ART & GLAM spotlights the passion, heritage, and superior quality behind each product.

My goal with both companies is to forge genuine, long-term relationships and create special, emotional connections between people and brands. I want to move past superficiality and rediscover what true luxury means. Luxury Emotions and ART & GLAM were created to spread more authenticity, substance, and glamour in the world. They are a manifestation of my personal and professional journey. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share all the wonders I have discovered along the way.

In the end, I started these companies to share my vision of luxury and give other creators a platform to share theirs as well. Together, we are redefining luxury with feeling, purpose, and heart.

How do I select the brands I work with

I have a highly selective process for choosing which brands to showcase with Luxury Emotions and feature on ART & GLAM. The brands I collaborate with share my values of quality, passion, creativity, and authenticity. Specifically, I evaluate brands based on the following criteria:

Superior quality and craftsmanship. I only consider brands that produce the finest, most exquisite products with the highest standards of quality and attention to detail.

A unique story or heritage. I seek out brands that are built on meaningful stories, family traditions, or a commitment to place and culture. A history of excellence over generations or a innovative vision for the future. Either way, an authentic origin story is key.

Alignment with my lifestyle vision. The brands I promote embody an elegant, stylish, and glamorous way of living. They share my passion for luxury hospitality, gourmet cuisine, wellness, the arts, and beyond. I want every brand to be in harmony with my definition of la dolce vita.

Focus on experience and emotion. I choose brands that understand luxury is about the experience and how they make people feel. They strive to forge a personal connection and evoke emotion with every interaction.

Potential for global reach. While I value niche, artisanal brands, I look for those that also demonstrate the potential to appeal to upscale consumers worldwide. They have a universal luxury aesthetic and message that translates across cultures.

Commitment to sustainability and social good. The brands I select are actively working to reduce their environmental impact and give back to important social causes. Responsible, ethical luxury is at the heart of my vision.

Customized partnership. Most importantly, I seek out brands open to collaborating on customized programs, events, marketing, and other initiatives that bring our visions together. I want close, long-term brand relationships built on trust and shared goals.

This stringent selection process ensures I only work with brands that meet the highest standards of luxury and share my passion for creating meaningful connections. By bringing these brands under the umbrella of Luxury Emotions and ART & GLAM, I can authentically represent them to ultra-high-net-worth clients and audiences worldwide.

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