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Who I Am

Founder and owner of LUXURY EMOTIONS, a luxury lifestyle management firm; ART & GLAM, exclusive brand-new platform for luxury artisans and glamorous lifestyle stuff – high-end crafts, niche brands, artisanal production and bespoke; VISIT SARDINIA® award-winning Destination Management Company in Italy.

A bold entrepreneur, with experience in multinational corporations at first, and then more than 15 years in hospitality, high-end travel  and luxury lifestyle management. Collaborate with renowed hotels and brands, an extensive porfolio of projects. Focused on luxury crafts, fashion and beauty, food and wine, wellbeing. Fitness addict, vegetarian foodie and wine lover, passionate about luxury hotels, glamour, jazz, and classy stuff. Specialized in Made in Italy, Sardinia insider and expert. Love nature and animals, read good books, meet like-minded people and share ideas, experience new opportunuties making this world a better place. Never stop to learn. Believe in respect, love, common sense, and necessity of mental freedom. Good manners and politeness are always in vogue.

Expat of Russian origin, naturalized Italian, lives in beloved Italy having changed a metropolis life for a genuine Mediterranean environment of Sardinia island.
Speaks Italian, English, Russian. 

Natalia Vlaskina | Luxury Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Born in ex USSR, grew up and lived in a multicultural environment in addition to English-speaking school and piano music, lot of books, sport and fashion industry where her mother worked in as a stуlist. Studied languages, Philosophy and Political Science, and graduated from the Moscow State University of Lomonosov, the beloved alma mater. Started a working career in 1996, in the heyday of post-Soviet Russia, gaining experience in marketing in branded multinational corporations with branches in Moscow (Planet Hollywood, Revlon, L’Oreal, Mattel).

In 2000 started her own business journey. Collaborated with some renowed companiyes in the fashion and beauty industries, modeling agencies, advertising. And even worked with French wines. Then founded a travel company.

Lives in Italy with her talented husband, a famous award-winning Italian musician and composer, Grammy Awards candidate Roberto Tola, 12 adopted lovely cats and sweet dog.

Very luxury is the freedom to be yourself and the best award is to do something useful, when people are happy to communicate with you, they feel positive, open and inspired.

Luxury Lifestyle Management and Hospitality

Natalia Vlaskina | Luxury Emotions | Luxury Lifestyle Management | Luxury Hospitality

In 2003, destiny brought her into the hospitality industry. It was a lifetime journey, professional growth and unforgettable travels around the globe. In 2010, together with her husband they founded a branded Destination Management Company VISIT SARDINIA, award-winning InBound tour operator in Sardinia, Corsica and Italy.

But hospitality is more than that. It was a huge experience covering different areas: destinations, hotels & resorts, restaurants, food and wine, transportation, yachts, wellness, art and so on. Splendid world of events and entertainment. And especially meaningful connections with amazing people and professionals from around the world contributed to the luxury lifestyle management experience.

Hospitality opened the doors to many areas where I learned new skills and I’m very grateful to this oppurtunity. We have developed a large portfolio of activities and events that we have realized, including incentives for large corporations, concerts, international shows, ultra luxury travel, food & wine programs, high-end weddings and private parties. I collaborate with renowned luxury hotels and high-end brands.

Working With Feeling And Elegance

As an employee in a multinational company at the beginning of her career in the past, and then as an entrepreneur herself, she’s well aware of the challenges to face when running a company or working with clients. Finding the right people is not easy. In the end, no one succeeds alone. It’s all about people, team, strategy, experience and… a bit of luck. Technology makes our lives easier, but human relationships are essential. Big is not necessary best, personalization and bespoke is a quality guarantee.

I beleive in business and connections with soul, empathy and feeling. And precious custom service face-to-face. I work on ready to go ideas or projects from scratch. Help small niche businesses, high-end brands and talanted people. And for the clients I deliver a personilized service and expert consultations. Sometimes a little conversation can lead to big ideas.

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